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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  October 14, 2010 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ [meow] [laughter] craig: let's see. do you have anything sort of sad and contemplative here for what have we learned? you know, folks, things on the show tonight, some things went pretty good and other things i think we all know didn't go so good. [laughter] but i think back to the first
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night, a young skeleton took the reigns of the podium there and his first night was pretty awkward too. now look at him. still tootsy frootsy. but we're committed and remember that if something doesn't really work on this show, it means it is going to be around for a little while. [laughter] good evening, everybody. i've tried to ignore my feelings, but i can't anymore. i just really wish you were... dead. i understand it, but it doesn't mean i respect it. enough's enough. d-con no-view no-touch traps snap to kill instantly. no looking, no touching. d-con. get out.
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a new warning on terrorism. al qaeda puts washington d.c. in the crosshairs by encouraging attacks on government workers. plus topper is tracking heavy rain. what that means for your morning commute. also, the truth test. we do the fact checks for you and see whose really being honest in their political adds.
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we have breaking news out of maryland. police say there's been a carjacking. a four year old child was in the car at the time. this happened after 9:00 tonight on branch avenue. that car was stolen from a shell gas station and found a little later with the child inside. right now police are looking for the suspect. stay with 9 news for the latest on this, a carjacking but the child has been found okay. well 9 news after the 9/11 forced people in washington to realize we are at the top of the list when it comes to terror attacks. well tonight we're getting a new reminder. an al qaeda publication is recommending shooting up washington restaurants at lunch time. gay is indiana our news room reporting and this may not be too farfetched to dismiss. >> reporter: in a way it's a sign of success. the united states has done a good job so far of preventing big attacks like 9/11 so terrorists are thinking smaller. smaller but still deadly. >> remember the failed
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christmas underwear bomber last year? the horrible shootings that killed 13 at fort hood? that shooter was confronted by some victims in military court wednesday. both incidents were inspired by the same al qaeda group now recommending online to shoot up washington restaurants in hopes of killing federal workers and getting international attention. >> it's just something to get people upset and i'm not worried. i'm not going to change my day- to-day routine because of that. >> she's a regular at my brother's place on capitol hill. >> with the level of security that we have in the nations capitol, it's probably one of the safest places in the country to be right now. >> but i think i would be more vigilant in going out just to kind of watch my back or make sure i choose certain areas wisely. >> and i guess you have to live your life as normal and not let it affect you. >> i kind of feel uncomfortable already, so that is what makes
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me even more, i would be frightened. >> i'm not scared at all. i still come out here every day. >> but some terrorism experts say the threat is a real one that should be taken seriously. >> these guys are going to get it right and they are going to kill americans and they are spending 24/7 trying to figure out ways to do it so this threat is not going to go away any time soon. >> the leader of this al qaeda group is an american citizen whom president obama already put on a kill list. the effective publisher of the online magazine where the recommendation is made is also an american citizen, and we need to kill him too. >> gary, thank you. now, to the miracle at the mine, the ordeal is over for the trapped chilean miners. >> after more than two months trapped more than 2000 feet down all 33 men are free tonight . the last miner emerging into the spotty light around 9:00 p.m. that would happen to be the
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shift leader. he's the one rescuers say held the men together throughout this nightmare and the rescuer went a lot faster than folks expected. each only took about 15 minutes. the only mechanical glitch all day came when workers had to fix a broken door latch. the health minister says the miners are in pretty group shape but one does have pneumonia and several need dental surgery, a couple months without losing will do that. d.c. schools chancellor michelle ree and vincent gray have come to an agreement on her departure. the controversial educator received kudos for her efforts to reform the troubled school system but also ruffled the deathers of the d.c. teachers union over her methods. her decision to leave was a hard one. >> in the course of our discussions we found much common ground in our committment to wanting to do what is right for the children of d.c. and i am proud to give him the best team of people to help him begin his mission and
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i'm confident in the continued success of the reforms under chairman gray. >> [applause]. >> deputy chancellor henderson replaces ree as the head of d.c. schools as she calls ree a friend and a mentor. henderson negotiated a tough collective bargaining agreement with the teachers union and now, we turn to derek for a little insight and commentary in tonights let's be real. >> tonight i have one major request for whoever takes permanently the job for outgoing d.c. school chief. could you find a way to keep that gig for more than a minute please? experts tell us consistency at the top is critical for school reform. in other words, change is not always our friend, but when we look back at d.c. public schools over the last 20 years we see five different superintendants, not even including rhee. it's arlenex arker man, paul vance, and cliffford janney. not one of them lasted three
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and a half years except for franklin smith whose picture we cannot find who hung on for just over five years who left with his reputation shattered. on the other hand, over in montgomery county superintendant jerry weiss is retiring leaving voluntarily after serving for more than a decade. in fairfax jack dales has been holding things down for six years. it would be naive to say longevity at the top alone can heal our schools but let's be real. without it all you seem to get is band aids. an arrest in the stabbings of three university of maryland students. 21 year old leonardo ramos is charged with attempted murder. the stabbings happened early tuesday during a drunken brawl at the thirsty turtle in college park. today university police chief david mitchell asked for an emergency hearing before liquor board officials to put that bar
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out of business. >> what makes the thirsty turtle worse than any other bar in the area is the demonstrated failure to properly card students and other underage drinkers when they go inside. they are admitted, their money is taken, they are served and in many cases they are overserved. >> owners of the thirsty turtle haven't responded our requests for comment, but not everybody agrees with mitchell. students say it's unfair to single out that bar for punishment. >> they say a lot of the bars in college park unknowingly serve minor and this problem isn't limited to the university of maryland. britney morehouse is live with the latest on this. britney? >> reporter: no different than any other college across the country students say they also say they know when a bar is going to be busted. they find out via facebook that the liquor enforcement is out so closing a bar down like thirsty turtle is not going to solve any problem here. >> they think by closing one bar the drinking will stop here
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they better think twice. >> on a wednesday night when the thirsty turtle is typically busy, students walking by may look inside but very few venture past the front doors. >> pretty dead. >> and he is among at least two patrons and one student we find who defend the local bar now threatened with losing its liquor license. >> every time i come here they check ids. i've never seen anybody underage. >> it's pretty much every wherein the metropolitan area so if you want to point the finger at one place you got to point it everywhere. >> to gain a dose of perspective we turn to an alumni and current student underage. >> i have six months and 10 days until i'm 21 so i know that when that happens i'll be able to go in but right now it's not worth me getting in trouble. >> still, samantha knows the drinking scene. >> the turtle is a bar if you're under class you go to turtle. corner stone is when you turn 21.
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>> but as her friend points out is it really that different from everywhere else? >> it's nothing more than a normal college campus. we're not a dry campus and that's just one of the things that comes along with it, you'll have to deal with it. i think maryland does a good job of trying to be there for student during those situations. >> maybe says some students, it's on the turtle to change the way they check their ids. >> maybe go to police start checking ids to having student bouncers. >> you know why he says that? students have fake ids, they say they are prevalent, prominent, easy to get and if you want a better one you just pay more money. >> thank you for that. well a seven-year-old girl says she was sexually assaulted by four men and this alleged attack happened right near a playground tuesday night, 7:00 in columbia, maryland. that little girl told the cops she was walking home from the playground on basket ring road through a grassy area when she was approached and assaulted by
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the men. three of them ran off on motor scooters, a fourth left on a bike. the child has been treated and released from the hospital. an abortion doctor from new jersey has been referring patients to maryland for late term procedures. now new jersey's disciplinary panel is hearing arguments on whether to suspend dr. steven brigham's license. he starts late term abortions with medication in new jersey where he was not permitted to perform them and finishes a day later 60 miles away in maryland where the law is more permissive. his lawyer asked the board to dismiss the case and he said the same panel ruled on two cases back in the 1990s that the tuesday procedure was in fact legal but the board says it's going to hear arguments on this one. a rash of burglaries in fairfax, virginia have families worried about their safety and traditionally quiet parts of the county. last night it was vienna where there were two more successful break ins. police believe the recent break ins are all linked to the
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person or persons responsible for numerous burglaries in fairfax and prince william county. fans are lashing out over gilbert arena's latest drama. >> you see, he has now been fined for faking having an injury to keep from playing in the wizards pre-season opener but we don't know how much he will have to fork over yet. brett is here to tell us about that. >> guys, this is about trust between gilbert and the fans of washington. he clearly lost it when he brought guns into the locker room last year and as he tries to gain it back what he did last night won't help at all. he says he was mentioned to play against the atlanta hawks last night and what would have been his first game in over nine months but he complained of a knee injury during warm ups and took himself out of the line up but after the game he admitted he lied about the injury so as to not play in the game and to have one of his teammates take his place. the wizards rebuked him today, fined him an undisclosed amount
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of money and fans have been lighting up our facebook page with reaction to the odd deception. and young nico writes: young $100 million mistakes, poor abe, god rest his southeasterly, turning in his grave. a little more sympathy from kevin shepherd. tough love from kim parker. he's an idiot. i used to love him, not anymore. if you'd like to add your thoughts you can go to our facebook page. coming up in sports gilbert speaks out on why he lied. you'll be the judge on whether or not he's being sincere. that's coming up at 11:24. pretty cool outside, temperatures continue to fall. we'll take you out with your wake up weather and the earlier you get out the less chance of rain, 5:00, 56 and cloudy, light rain at 7:00 and the skies open up around 9:00, and i'll have adjusted temperatures and we'll come back and talk
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about when you'll need your umbrella and coat. full forecast, next. still ahead tonight, the truth test. political ads make a lot of claims, but what's the real deal? we did some fact an soldiers
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san antonio, texas, baby. pasadena, california. but for now, it's right here. find out how you can help. visit us at the uso. until every one comes home. tonight campaign 2010 and we put the political ads to a truth test. we expected a nasty rematch. >> and surely, the two men who want to be governor have delivered. they've been pounding each other on the airwaves and tonight bruce checks it out. >> remember bob urlick? wonder what he's been doing over the past four years? well, urlick went out and got a job. >> that one is false, and the o' mally's campaign backed slightly away from it. urlick never registered as a lobbyist, although he worked for a law firm that lobbied as a leader in government affairs.
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proof, unemployment was half the current rate when urlick left office, but it has been the worst recession since the great depression and maryland has done way better than some of its neighbors. >> o' mally passed the largest tax increase in history. >> true. he signed a one cent increase in the sales tax but urlick approved taxes and fees of his own when he was governor. >> everyone knows a fee is a tax. >> raising taxes during that period, particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee increases. >> as you know there's a big difference between fees and taxes. >> but they are the same. >> false, those fees targeted people who registered their vehicles or used a septic system but maybe that's beside the point. >> if it comes out of my pocket, it's a tax. >> and now he says he's open to raising taxes again. >> maybe, maybe not. o' mally says he has no plans to raise taxes in a second
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term, but citing public safety, he declines to rule it out completely. 9 news now. >> it's looking like a tough sell. the latest poll suggests he's 11 points back but the former governor says he's starting to put out ads in washington and he thinks that makes a very big difference. >> we'll see. they will debate for a second time tomorrow and you can watch it live at noon right here on wusa9. i'll be there serving as one of the panelists, so maybe send me a question or two you might want answered. facebook it to me or send it to the mailbag. strong words and accusations already flying tonight as delaware senate hopefuls debated live. coons opened by calling o' donnell an extremeist. >> my opponent has recently said that it was studying under a marksist professor that made
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him become a democrat, so when you look at his position on things like raising taxes which is one of the tenants of marxism, not supporting or eliminating the death tax, i would argue there are more people who support my catholic faith based on his belief. >> if you take five minutes and reited article it's clear on the face out, it was a joke. despite that my opponent and lots of folks have endlessly spun this. i am not now, nor have i ever been anything but a clean, shave en capitalist. >> [laughter] >> a cnn time poll released wednesday shows coons leading o' donnell 57% to 38. indicted maryland state senator curry no longer running unopposed in the november election. jennifer lowry has announced that she is running as a democratic write in candidate. the residence of the 25th legislative district need to
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vote for somebody not under a legal cloud. state senator was indicted last month on charges of conspiracy and mail fraud. driving across the bay bridge, for some of us down right scary. according to travel and leisure magazine it is one of the world's most scary. it made the list because of frequent storms and limits to visibility and some other bridges that made the list include a rope and cable one in pakistan and the seven mile bridge in the florida keys. >> wow. >> traffic too. that's scary. >> it's the height that kills my wife. the bridge is almost as long but you're lower. but it's a pretty high bridge. >> you can't do that. >> don't take your eyes off it. >> and when they have two lanes of traffic? >> that's a little hairy when you go eastbound, but rain is on the way. here is the forecast first. the next three days wet tomorrow and i had lower temperatures.
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59 for a high, 65 on friday, windy and cool, and 65 will feel cooler because of the wind if you're going to high school football been a sweatshirt. it will be in the 50s before the games are over. cool saturday, temperatures in the mid 60s. not too bad. we'll break down tomorrow. and again the earlier, the less rain. 55 a little bit of light rain possible by morning, 7:00 and then really heavy rain by noon, just about everywhere only 57 and we'll make it 59 by 50 look that maybe a pipe dream too. good news is rain is tapering off by evening. overnight clouds on the increase, chilly, low temperatures upper 40s in the suburbs and mid 50s downtown and winds turn easterly at about 10. now tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy and chilly. rain and showers developing. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. it does look like this event will span both rush hour, the morning and evening. the timing a little slower than it was and could change again. by afternoon, breezy and
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chilly. this is when the heavier rain rolls in, lower temperatures, 58 to 63, most of us will hold in the upper 50s and winds out of the northwest at 10-15. when you're carrying the umbrella around tomorrow with a jacket and 59, a far cry from our 86 monday and 83 yesterday. rainfall potential, i'll stop it here at 10:30 in the morning. it maybe slow but you get the sense that the heaviest rain holds off until late morning and afternoon and then when it rolls in, it really rolls in and by 2:00 or 3:00 we'll have half an inch on the ground downtown, over an inch so it gets to the western suburbs first and hits them a little harder. two inches possible in manassas before all is said and done, an inch and a half or more downtown before all is said and done and i think everybody will get an inch between say 10:00 a.m. and about 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. moves in pretty fast, moves out pretty fast so rain on the way, develops mid morning, heaviest is 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and the rainfall amount now one to two inches so you need a
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coat and an umbrella. next seven days. 59 tomorrow, rain and showers, 65 friday but a little cool because of the wind, 64 on saturday very nice, the dog walk at 10:30 in the morning and nice on sunday, 70 but it will be cool during the red skin game, bring a little light jacket, more showers possible late on wednesday, but not the big event that this is tomorrow. so now is gilbert going to lie about his knee and why the next day admit that you lie? >> i don't think he thought he was doing anything wrong. i think he thought he was giving nick young a chance to play and didn't realize thousands of people bought tickets to see him play. there's a lot of stuff he does that he doesn't get. if you're trying to regain a cities trust, lying not generally the best course. why gilbert pulled that fast one on his team and on the fans, plus, he's on pace for
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you may know me as the moose. in baseball, we're all trying to be winners, but we can't succeed unless we have the right skills, knowing how to make the right choices in difficult situations. in my job, it's all about being a team. in my family, we're also a team, and we try to make sure our kids make the right choices. of course, in the pros, we have coaches and managers and teammates to depend on. in your home, you're the coach, you're the manager, and you're the person your kids depend on in difficult situations. it's a tough job, and sometimes it can seem a little overwhelming. if you feel like you need help when you don't have all the answers, call the girls and boys town national hotline-- 1-800-448-3000, tdd 1-800-448-1443, 24/7. when it comes to parenting, it'll definitely help you put together a winning team. they'll even send you a free booklet, filled with helpful parenting tips. 1-800-448-3000, tdd 1-800-448-1443. the girls and boys town national hotline. help is just a phone call away.
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you know, even a super star can use a kick in the pants every now and then. bruce budreaux was not happy with how he was playing monday night and he let him know about it when he nudged him. he had that game winner in overtime monday and then this tonight, islanders second period, off the turnover and the twisted wrist, fourth of the year for alex and ties the game at one. caps have been very feisty. seven fights in the first four games. the caps are not going to be pushed around. they were a little bit last year. game tied at one, four minutes to go, caps power play, the blast off of nick baxtrom, and there's your ballgame. he does it again. caps improve to three and one and this is how gabby got him
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going. >> that's what my dad always taught me is when things aren't going right you just simplify it and shoot the piceance and hopefully pay the price in front and it will go in. >> meanwhile the nats have changed course the 17 year old stud will now report to the arizona fall league, the number one draft pick will be a taxi squad player for the arizona scorpions, which means he can only play twice a week. >> if washington is going to reembrace gilbert arenas he's going to have to reestablish trust to the wizards fan base and i'm pretty sure the path does not involve lying to the entire city. thousands of people bought tickets to see him last night in what would have been his first game since his gun charges but gilbert as you into skipped the game citing a knee injury only to reveal later he was lying and there was no injury. this is what he had to say after the hoax was revealed. >> i screwed up again, so i
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just want to say sorry, but i wasn't really thinking this is going to be another media outburst, just like everything i do now is just someone tit for tat, trying to blow it out of proportion. >> he wasn't really thinking. he should have stopped after he said that. peyton manning was the number one pick in the draft in 1998, done o son mcnabb was the number two pick in 1999 and the two quarterbacks combined for 16 pro bowl appearances and three trips to the super bowl and their paths cross again sunday. manning and the colts drop into fedex for a battle between a pair of three and two teems and a pair of qbs who have seen it all in the nfl and of course its manning who has the four mvps and the super bowl ring mcnabb likes so donovan, do you look up to peyton? >> i don't look up to anybody that's my age. it's one thing to look at the success that he's had. a lot of us have had success


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